When it comes to mixing and matching day-to-day clothing, particularly for the office, things can become a bit tricky. One way to break up the monotony is with jewelry. However, this doesn’t have to mean you need to go out and binge-buy gold pendants and funky earrings.

Just like with clothing, a few basic pieces of jewelry should be enough to create some interest and mix and match to the extent that you’re always looking new and fresh.

Here are four pieces of jewelry every woman should have in their possession. If you don’t already have these at home, consider investing to brighten up your wardrobe.

1. A Watch with a Large Face

Menswear watches are becoming a popular item in women’s wardrobes these days. Watches with large faces and minimal adornment help ground your more girly items of jewelry and give you a balanced look of both feminine and no-nonsense professional.

Try to choose a watch that could belong to your boyfriend or your father. Remember, this piece is more for looks than function, so don’t stress too much about readability.

2. A Simple Gold Pendant

For V-necks and other fairly simple tops, a small gold pendant can go a long way in dressing up an otherwise bland outfit. Gold pendants match most colors and redirect the eyes to the face.

You may not be making a large statement with a gold pendant, but it helps finish a look quite effectively. Choose something with a simple chain and a non-obtrusive design.

3. Small Diamond Earrings

Marilyn Monroe got it right–diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. Add some sparkle in your life with understated diamond earring, which elevate the professionalism or glamor of your outfit and keep you looking classy.

If diamond earrings aren’t in your budget, find diamond-looking earrings. Most people in your office won’t be able to tell the difference.

4. A Strand of Pearls

Nothing is as endurably fashionable and ladylike as a string of pearls. Pearls are great with a simple black dress or suit jacket.

Pearls often work on their own, or with diamond earrings. Color is irrelevant most of the time, as is length. As is the case with diamonds, you don’t need real pearls in order to make a statement. Instead, choose something authentic looking that fits your budget.

Shopping for Jewelry

When you’re in the market for jewelry like pearl necklaces or gold pendants, don’t just visit the obvious places. Boutiques either at craft fairs on through online stores like Etsy are a great way to find unique and interesting pieces. It ensures you will stand out and that you won’t inadvertently purchase pieces other women in the office own.

Of course, you should never overpay, so be sure to think about your budget and compare prices and offerings before committing to any particular choice. You can also drop a hint to friends or family that you’re in the market for these pieces if you have a birthday coming up.